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St Martin de Porres

Thursday, November 03, 2016
A son of a freed slave from Panama and a Spanish nobleman, Martin de Porres was born in Lima, Peru, in 1579. 

As a descendant of one African parent, Saint Martin was not permitted by Peruvian rules at the time, to join as a full member of a religious order. Instead, he joined the Dominican Convent of the Rosary in Lima as a servant. He took on kitchen work, cleaning and laundry, but was known at an early stage for healing of the sick and his zeal for caring for those with diseases. St Martin De Porres was eventually accepted as a lay brother and made religious profession in the Dominican Order. There are many miracles attributed to St Martin, and he had a special concern for the poor, the sick and those who were at the edges of society. 

In the Province of England, the Glasgow house was dedicated to St John the Evangelist and Saint Martin de Porres, reflecting the continuing interest of the Dominican Order in the mission to preach the Gospel in challenging pastoral situations, but also in being located near to the poor. One of the more extraordinary miracles attributed to St Martin, is when on one occasion Martin was on a picnic with the novices of the convent, and having overstayed their time, they realised that they could not be back home in time for prayers. Martin made them join hands, and before they realised what had happened, they were standing in the convent yard. 

The feast day of St Martin de Porres is November 3rd, and he is patron saint of people of mixed race, innkeepers, barbers, and public health workers.

Luke Doherty O.P.

Fr Luke Doherty is assistant priest at Holy Cross, Leicester, and Catholic Chaplain to HMP Leicester |  luke.doherty@english.op.org


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