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Propinasti Gratis "You Freely Poured Forth"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
It has always been difficult to define or categorise Dominican spirituality. It is not rooted on a single type of prayer or spiritual exercise. However, I think it is fair to say that the heart of Dominican spirituality is in what we are called and compelled to do, to preach. We are an order of preachers founded to proclaim the Gospel. Preaching the truth however is not something that we own or create ourselves. We are sharing in the mission of the Incarnate Word and the charismatic grace of preaching is fuelled and powered by the Holy Spirit. Fr. Simon Tugwell OP uses the image of a water pipe to demonstrate this idea to great effect. A water pipe can only give water if it is receiving water from a source. Conversely it can only receive water if it is allowing water to flow from it.

It is not enough to hope that God fills us with spiritual gifts and that at some point we will be full enough to “overflow” to others. When St Dominic began dispersing brothers (even novices) throughout Europe in the early days of the Order, many observers were puzzled. Dominic  disarmed their scepticism by pointing out that “hoarded grain goes bad”. Likewise stored water will eventually become foul. We have to be willing to share truth with others and we can do so in the confidence that the Lord is always with us and that in him we have a “full and deep well” to provide for us.

Mark Davoren OP


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