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Friars' Passions - 6 A Design for Life

Friday, January 30, 2009
I have always taken an interest in design.  From a young age I was drawn to consider the abstract form of objects and how this could be improved upon.  When I moved to London as a student I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the architecture and the range of styles which can be found there, something for which London is famous.  As Christians we believe that God is beauty itself.  For the human being, therefore, who is created in the image of God, to make something beautiful is to participate in God's creativity. The sacred art I had prayed before in my parish church, and the devotion it expressed, inspired me as I grew up to seek out the best that could be found in art, architecture and design. 

In a beautifully made object we can see a reflection of God's very beauty and beauty is something that everyone appreciates, in some way or other.  Since joining the Order I have been able to use my interest in design to assist in the production of many things with other brothers who have a keen eye.  The interesting thing is that as I get older, although I am still fascinated by the talent some people have to create beautiful things and the processes that they use to do so, I find myself more and more inspired by the beauty of nature.  Nothing made by human beings, no matter how interesting, can compare to the beauty of God's own handiwork.   

Daniel Mary Jeffries OP


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