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A-Z of Paul: Yes

Sunday, September 21, 2008
Although St Paul faced many challenges and had to make many difficult decisions during his ministry, it is a sign of his spiritual genius that he was able to use these situations as a vehicle for expressing the profound truths of the Christian Faith. One such example is Paul’s decision not to revisit Corinth. After writing 1 Corinthians, Paul paid a brief, stern visit to Corinth and promised to return. However, when Paul changed his mind and decided not to visit Corinth again, this caused some of the Corinthians to doubt Paul’s integrity. Could this man be trusted? In his second letter to the Corinthians, Paul assures them he is not a ditherer, not someone having in his mind Yes and No at the same time. Rather he is prompted only by doing God’s will which is all Yes. The Gospel that Paul preached was that God is totally faithful; He keeps His promises. In Jesus Christ, in His resurrection, all God’s promises are fulfilled. Whenever we receive the Eucharist, we say Amen, Yes to Christ. It is through Jesus Christ that we are able to live by the Holy Spirit rather than being guided by ordinary human promptings and it is through Him we can fully say Yes to God and give God the thanks and praise that is due to Him.

Robert Verrill OP


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