Jubilee 2021 

800th Anniversary of the Dominican Order in Britain

In 2021, the Dominican Order celebrates 800 years since the foundation of the Province of England as well as 800 years since the death of St Dominic. 

On 15 August, 1221, the first Dominican house was established on St Aldate Street in Oxford. The Province's history since then has been dramatic, from medieval strengths to near obliteration at the Reformation; and then centuries of exile before a strong return after the Emancipation and a renewed presence in the life of the Church in England, Wales and Scotland.

From Pentecost 2021 until the feast of the Translation of St Dominic 2022, the whole Dominican family in Britain will be joined in a year of celebrations and cultural events to mark this milestone. Our plans for this year are gradually being developed as we emerge from the Covid-19 restrictions and will be published here.

2021 Events

14–22 May

Beginning of Jubilee Year: Pentecost Novena for the whole Province 

Oxford, London, Edinburgh, Leicester, Cambridge

22 May

Aquinas Institute Colloquium: ‘The English Dominican Province and Thomism, Part I: the 20th Century’


26 June

Rosary Pilgrimage, Dominican Sisters, Stone congregation

14 July

Aquinas Institute Conference, ‘The Philosophy of Herbert McCabe, OP’ (9am - 5pm)


1–15 August

Pilgrimage Walk from Kent to Oxford, recreating the original journey in 1221 by Gilbert of Fresney OP and companions; ending with Solemnity of Assumption

Kent to Oxford

23 September
– 3 October

David Jones exhibition


3 October

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary at the Rosary Shrine


7 October

Launch of new Rosary Book, photos and meditations, by Lawrence Lew OP


11 October

Aquinas Institute’s Jubilee Lectures: A series of twenty recorded lectures on the theology of St Thomas Aquinas, covering the entire Summa Theologiae in the English Dominican tradition. With an event to mark the launch if this is possible under Covid regulations.

 16–20 December  Dominican Youth Movement pilgrimage to Bologna and Florence  Italy  

2022 Events

24 May

Feast of the Translation of St Dominic and ceremony with the Master to re-inter the bones excavated from the medieval Blackfriars 

 TBC, May

Event at the Rosary Shrine with the Master

 TBC, Mat

Aquinas Institute Colloquium: ‘The English Dominican Province and Thomism, Part II: The Middle Ages’ 


Prayer for the Dominican Jubilees of 2021

O Lord our God,
Creator of the world, Giver of life.
Eight hundred years ago,
it pleased you to receive St Dominic into eternity,
and to establish the Holy Preaching in Britain.
O Spem miram!  YOU are the wonderful HOPE,
promised by Dominic, 
as our constant Companion,
in the holy endeavour of spreading and growing Your WORD,
over lands, across the sea, 
beyond the horizons of our vision.

As we celebrate the double Jubilee
of the dies natalis of St Dominic into eternal life 
and the Sacra Praedicatio in Britain,
feed us and fill us with a double portion 
of the SPIRIT,
so that we may experience a new Pentecost – 
a renewed proclamation 
of the ‘mighty acts of God’
and rekindled commitment to our mission 
for the ‘salvation of souls’.

Bless our brothers and sisters 
and the entire Dominican ¬≠Family 
in England, Scotland and Wales
with health, happiness and holiness.
Lead them to ever serve your people.
Gather them all to Yourself, 
in praise and thanks eternal.
Through Mary’s plea;
in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

fr. Gerard Francisco Timoner III, OP, 
Master of the Order. Sta Sabina, Rome. 
15 March 2021

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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